Instruments and Capabilities

Science Sheet
The effective area of the Wide Field Instrument (WFI) is shown here as a function of wavelength for the imaging filters, grism, and prism.

The Wide Field Instrument (WFI) features a large area, 300-megapixel, near-infrared camera for imaging and slitless spectroscopy. The WFI will provide a 0.281 square degree field of view, and will provide an imaging mode and two slitless spectroscopy modes. The instrument provides a sharp point spread function, precision photometry, and stable observations for implementing the Dark Energy, Exoplanet Microlensing, and NIR surveys.

The Coronagraph Instrument (CGI) will have imaging and spectroscopy modes to perform a technology demonstration to directly image exoplanets. The CGI will be the first instrument on a space telescope to make use of numerically optimized, precision-fabricated coronagraph masks; large-format deformable mirrors for high-order wavefront control; a low-order wavefront sensing and control system; and electron-multiplying CCD detectors for low-flux photon counting.

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