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Reference Information

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The optical reference information files have been updated to reflect the Phase C payload design. This is the design that is baselined for the Fall 2021 Critical Design Review.

The Wide-Field Instrument

» Roman Wide-Field Instrument Reference Information
A compendium of basic reference information on the Wide-Field Instrument. (Updated January 25, 2021)
View PDF | PowerPoint file


» Observatory Reference Information
A compendium of basic information on the Roman Observatory. (March 1, 2021) View PDF | PowerPoint file

» The Coronagraph Instrument - Reference Information
Information here captures the instrument design elements as of the CGI Preliminary Design Review in September 2019 (February 2021) View PDF | PowerPoint file

Roman Effective Area

Roman Effective Area [View PDF]


» Phase B Dispersion Fits (.xlsx) This spreadsheet provides information on the dispersion for the grism and prism.

» Wide-Field Instrument Transmission (.xlsx) Contains the Effective area as a function of wavelength for each observing mode of the Wide-Field Instrument. (Parameters as of June 2021)

Additional Information

» Observatory and instrument parameters is available at the IPAC site

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