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Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

The Roman Space Telescope is a NASA observatory designed to settle essential questions in the areas of dark energy, exoplanets, and infrared astrophysics.

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A Wide Field of View

The Roman Space Telescope will have a panoramic field of view of the universe that is 100 times wider than the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Dark Energy

The Roman Space Telescope will delve into the mystery of dark energy by studying how the distribution of galaxies and dark matter has changed throughout cosmic history.

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Look Around the Telescope

This interactive feature provides views of the telescope from various perspectives. Check the completion status, and discover exactly where the pieces are being built.

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Roman Video Game

You have been given observation time on the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope! How many astrophysical objects can you catch?

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The Roman Space Telescope will complete the statistical census of planetary systems in the galaxy by using microlensing, the universe’s own magnifying glass, to find more than a thousand exoplanets.

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NASA Tool Gets Ready to Image Faraway Planets

MAY 21, 2024 - The Roman Coronagraph Instrument on NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will help pave the way in the search for habitable worlds outside our solar system by testing new tools that block starlight, revealing planets hidden by the glare of their parent stars.
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Engaging with Roman

Explaining the Core Community Survey Definition Process and engaging with Roman on technical and science topics. Each of the Core Community Surveys will provide data to many teams conducting a large number of diverse science investigations. Roman’s science objectives that will be addressed by the Core Community Surveys are Astrophysics with wide area near-IR surveys, Cosmology and Exoplanet demographics. View the Core Community Survey Definition process

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