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Listed below are resources and information pertinent to the upcoming NASA Research Announcement for D.14 Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Research and Support Participation Opportunities, which is part of ROSES-2022. This program element solicits proposals aimed at supporting the progress of and exploiting the scientific and technical data from the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope. Three categories of proposal are solicited: Wide Field Science (WFS) investigations, which a broken into regular and large sizes; Project Infrastructure Teams (PIT), and membership in the Coronagraph Community Participation Program (CPP) Team. This page includes additional documents that may aid in the preparation of proposals.

Questions on this program element should be directed to Julie McEnery and Dominic Benford.

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Technical Resources

Science Centers

Selected teams will be expected to coordinate with the Roman Science Centers to maximize the utility of their activities for the benefit of the entire community. The links below provide detailed information on the two science centers.

NASA Documents and Policies

Design Reference Mission and Progress Reports

Roman Overview Documents

Content Summary

The proposal document content follows Table 1 in ROSES-2022 Summary of Solicitation, except for the Science, Technical, and Management section page limits and the optional enhancement to WFS proposals for research activities to be conducted by undergraduate students. The contents are summarized below.

Table of Contents
Optional, 1 pp
Science, Technical, and Management
WFS regular and CPP: 8 pp
WFS large: 10 pp
PIT: 15 pp
Proposing research activities to be conducted by undergraduate students
Optional enhancement for WFS only: 2 pp
No page limit
Data Management Plan
2 pp
Inclusion Plan
2 pp
Biographical Sketches/Curriculum Vitae (CVs)
2 pp PI (or science PI); 1 pp each Co-I; Collaborators optional
Table of Personnel and Work Effort
No page limit
Current and Pending Support
As necessary for PI and funded participants who would devote >10% of their time in any given year to the proposed work. No page limit
Statements of Commitment and Letters of Support, Feasibility and Endorsement
Foreign Co-Is must include letters of endorsement from their government agency or funding/sponsoring institution in their country. No page limit.
No page limit
Facilities and Equipment
No page limit

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