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Galactic Bulge Science

These papers are primarily about bulge survey science (KBOs and asteroseismology), but also discuss some issues that are likely to be of general interest (statistical limits to astrometric and parallax measurements, statistical limits to the precision of photometry and astrometry of saturated stars).The following papers discuss HST results based on multi-epoch and/or multi-band HST imaging of bulge fields:

The following paper discusses the prospects for detecting transiting planets with a Euclid microlensing survey; the WFIRST-AFTA is obviously expected to substantially better.

  • "ExELS: an exoplanet legacy science proposal for the ESA Euclid mission - II. Hot exoplanets and sub-stellar systems"
  • Webpage that discusses the JASMINE mission concepts
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    • First Thoughts H4RG-17940 Sample Data - B. Rauscher PDF
    • Intro to WFIRST H4RG-10 Detector Arrays - B. Rauscher PDF
    • Detector Considerations for WFI - B. Rauscher PDF
    • Decadal Survey Missions Benford PDF | Powerpoint
    • KDP-A NASA Review to Start Phase A (Feb 2016) PDF | Powerpoint
    • SDT Final Report Slides (Feb 2015) PDF | Powerpoint
    • SDT Final Report Slides (Apr 2014) PDF | Powerpoint
    • SDT Final Report Slides (Apr 2013) PDF | Powerpoint
    • SDT Final Report Slides (Jul 2012) PDF | Powerpoint
    • SDT Final Report Slides (Jul 2011) PDF | Powerpoint

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