SDT Meeting #2 - Jan 9-10, 2014

Washington National Harbor
Gaylord Hotel, Wilson B&C Room

Thu, Jan 9

9:30 Welcome  
9:40 Meeting Plan Spergel, Gehrels
9:50 HQ Update Benford
10:10 Project Report
Payload Design Activities
Spacecraft Status
Telescope - Cold Temp Investigations
Grady & Team
11:10 Break  
12:20 Lunch  
2:30 DE Science Update Weinberg, Wang
3:10 Astrometry Spergel
3:30 Break  
4:25 Splinter Meetings
1) Coronagraph & Microlensing Path Forward
     Macintosh Slides
2) Survey & DE Path Forward (including NRC questions)
     Weinberg Slides
     Hirata Slides
Macintosh, Gaudi
Weinberg, Dressler
6:30 Dinner  

Fri, Jan 10

9:00 Splinter Meeting Reports
The AFTA-WFIRST Coronagraph and Mission Impact
9:45 Discussion of Parallel Science Opportunities
1) Use of IFU for Galaxy Spectroscopy During HLS
2) Use of Camera During Exoplanet Imaging
Perlmutter, Hirata
10:30 Break  
10:45 NRC Questions (10 minutes each)
NAS Dark Energy Presentation
12:00 Lunch  
12:30 GO Program Update Kalirai, Donahue
1:10 Plan Forward for April Report  
2:00 Adjourn  
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