Selected WFIRST Formulation

Science Investigation Teams (SITs)

NASA announced on December 17, 2015 the selection of the following Formulation Science Investigation Teams for the WFIRST mission. These teams will work for 5 years with the NASA and Project teams on science requirements, mission design and scientific performance predictions for the mission.

Principal Investigators:

Adjutant Scientists

David Spergel - WFI Adjutant Scientist

Jeremy Kasdin - CGI Adjutant Scientist

Weak Lensing and Galaxy Redshift Survey

Olivier Doré - "Cosmology with the WFIRST High Latitude Survey"

Supernova Cosmology

Saul Perlmutter - "Investigating the Nature of Dark Energy using Type Ia Supernovae"

with WFIRST-AFTA Space Mission"

Ryan Foley - "WFIRST Type Ia Supernova Investigations"

Exoplanet Microlensing

Scott Gaudi - "Preparing for the WFIRST Microlensing Survey: Simulations,

Requirements, Survey Strategies, and Precursor Observations"

Exoplanet Coronagraphy

Bruce Macintosh - "Characterizing Extrasolar Planetary Systems with the WFIRST


Margaret Turnbull - "Harnessing the Power of the WFIRST-Coronagraph: A Coordinated

Plan for Exoplanet and Disk Science"

General Observer Science

Jason Kalirai - "Resolving the Milky Way with WFIRST"

James Rhoads - " Cosmic Dawn with WFIRST"

Brant Robertson - "EXPO (EXtragalactic Potential Observations) Science Investigation


Benjamin Williams - "WINGS: WFIRST Infrared Nearby Galaxy Survey"

Guest Investigator Archival Science

Alexander Szalay - "Archival Research Capabilities of the WFIRST Data Set"

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