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Dark Energy Performance Calculator (DEPC) for WFIRST

The WFIRST Science Data Center at IPAC is pleased to announce the public release of the Dark Energy Performance Calculator (DEPC) for WFIRST, which was previously available to the SDT at a password-protected site. The DEPC is available at:

The DEPC continues to be based upon Chris Hirata's "Space-Based Galaxy Survey Exposure Time Calculator" code, version 8. The DEPC provides a user-friendly tool for use in optimizing the WFIRST configuration and observing strategy. It runs in three different modes: Weak Lensing, BAO, and photo-z calibration. In each case, it uses known galaxy properties to predict limiting magnitudes and statistical properties (e.g. number counts or redshift distribution) of sources that could be detected by WFIRST (and resolved, in the case of WL). Users control the input telescope choices, and can vary parameters for either the hardware or survey strategy.

The related arXiv preprint can be obtained at: Questions, comments, and suggestions for upgrades may be directed to Harry Teplitz ( at IPAC.

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